About Us

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help educate federal employees on the importance of understanding their government benefits and how those benefits change over the course of their career. We strive to provide and design solutions that fit individual or family needs.

United Benefits

United Benefits has over 100 years of combined experience working with federal employees and union members. We have over 15 trained ChFEBC (Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants) on staff. We have collaborated and negotiated with different insurance carriers to design products for NAGE members that best support our mission: protecting your paycheck, protecting your life, protecting your retirement. Our educational seminars help provide members information regarding their benefits as federal employees and how they work.

United Benefits strive to educate federal employees on the importance of being an NAGE member and promoting membership awareness. In partnering with NAGE, we promise to help protect and improve the lives of their members and their member’s families by providing products and services that maximize their benefits.